Man was amazed when his order of a skin lotion worth Rs300 was replaced by earbuds worth Rs 19,000. The best part.. he gets to keep it!


All the online shoppers must have faced the situation of order getting replaced with another product. And the process of getting it replaced or claiming refund is quite infuriating. But lady luck really smiled on twitter user Gautam Rege. His order of a skin lotion worth Rs 300 on amazon was replaced with Bose wireless earbuds worth Rs. 19,000. He called the amazonIN customer care and the company asked to keep the earphones as it was a non-returnable order.

Gautham Rege shared this on his twitter account along with the picture of package containing the headphones and liquid detergent. he also added that the amount for skin lotion was refunded.

As expected, all the netizens are jealous of Gautham Rege’s luck. The tweet had gone viral with 21,600 likes, 4,200 retweets and filled with 1,700 comments.

We all wish such things happens to us. One commented “is the skin lotion still in stock? Please send the link” and the other one joked “hey.. I got a skin lotion instead of my bose earbuds, let’s exchange..”

Inputs from Kavya Sarvasiddi

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