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Mann Mein Aman- A message of Peace and Humanity (A Salim Sulaiman and Ricky Kej collaboration)


This month marks a momentous occasion in the history of the Indian music industry as a beautiful song was released. Merchant Records, the music label of the celebrated music maestros Salim Sulaiman have collaborated with Ricky Kej, renowned Grammy Award winning artist who has taken Indian music to the world

The song called ‘Mann Mein Aman’ is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s famous and timeless quote, “Be the change you want to see in this world”, and is a clarion call for self-initiated action. This message is even more relevant today than when he was alive. Instead of relying on governments, political leaders, corporates, and NGOs; the onus lies on each one of us to address the many issues that plague humanity – global warming, poverty, socio-economic inequality, corruption, etc. and is dedicated to his ideals of peace, tolerance and love. To purify this world, we need to purify our minds and to bring about peace, we need to stive towards a peaceful mind.. thus – Mann Mein Aman.

Salim Merchant shared his thoughts: “Ricky Kej is an Indian musician whose focussed on making music for a purpose, for the environment, for under privileged children and for immaterial things that are timeless. He’s done India proud in many ways and we started to follow him when he won the Grammy; he’s got a very unique sound that has a spiritual touch and both Sulaiman and myself are really attracted to music that has a deep spiritual connection.”

Sulaiman added, “Ricky reached out to us to collaborate with Merchant Records. We both believe in goodness, we both believe in giving back, in love and humanity and peace. And we thought it would be wonderful to do a song together on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti since Mahatma Gandhi was one of the biggest peace torch bearers and we must do a tribute to the Great Mahatma on his birth anniversary.”

What happens when two musical powerhouses come together. A magical and memorable collaboration for the ages! That’s what ‘Mann Mein Aman’ promises.

A recap on how this collaboration fructified; Ricky Kej sent the Merchant brothers an unstructured piece of music and now the wheels for “Mann Mein Aman” were set in motion! The duo re-structured and transformed the basic melody and incorporated traditional sounds with contemporary electronica. The track also has a timeless vibe with cutting-edge grooves, while maintaining a deep Indian essence steeped in peace and tranquillity. The result is an altogether new composition that retains parts of Ricky’s initial melody. The song has been sung by Salim Merchant himself, while IP Singh from the band “Faridkot” has written the lyrics for the same.

‘Mann mein Aman’ is truly magical and this collaboration between Salim Sulaiman and Ricky Kej is God sent as there is great intent to spread the word of peace, humanity, and looking within ourselves for all the questions we have for this world as all the answers lie within us. There’s this philosophy of Rumi and Hazrat Ali as well so whatever you seek outside, the entire universe lies inside only if you reflect upon it.

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