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Manufacturing date & ‘Best-before-date’ labels for sweets are mandatory: FSSAI


Usually, when you go to buy sweets, the shopkeeper tells you Laddu, Barfi and Rasmalai are very fresh. But you always see the sweetness of the dessert fresh with suspicion. Although sweet looks attractive, but the day of its spoilage is never known. Now you do not have to worry about sweets being rancid.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order in the year 2020 asking local mithai and sweet shop owners to display the manufacturing date and the ‘best before’ date on loose sweets sold in their shops in a move that will help ensure that the consumers are purchasing a fresh product. In its order, the Food Safety Authority has said that it has received complaints regarding the sale of stale and expired sweets, due to which they have asked the shops to comply with such labeling orders to ensure that the consumption of such products does not pose a potential health hazard to the consumers. The new law has been implemented to ensure public interest and food security.


“Sweets, particularly those with milk products, have a lesser shelf life and are more prone to microbial growth. Therefore, sanitation and hygiene in their preparation and consumption within their shelf life are of utmost importance. Moreover, there are issues of adulteration and the use of sub-standard products. So, the concerted efforts are needed to ensure food safety of sweets by stakeholders, including food business, consumers and regulatory authorities”, the regulator said

In spite of repeated exhortations by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) officials to sweet sellers to display the manufacturing date and best before date labels of their products along with price tags, to make sure that the products they sell do not pose any potential risk to the customers after consumption, it seems shop owners continue to turn a deaf year and openly flouting the norms according to their whims and wishes in Vizag

With the government announcing lockdown relaxations gradually, the food inspectors intend to visit sweet stalls and bakeries to ensure compliance of the order. “The exercise of serving notices to the sweetshops and bakeries across the district has begun. Also, we are planning to create awareness among the mithaiwalas about the food safety standards they have to follow. Cases will be booked against those who fail to comply with the order,” M Koteswara Rao, Food Safety Officer, GVMC.

So next time, when you are buying sweets, you must now check the ‘Best before date’ as it has been made compulsory for the sweetmakers to mention it on the product. The new norm already in place from October 1 2020. It means the shopkeeper has to inform the customer that till what date the dessert will remain edible.

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