Mass production of PPEs by women run unit in Lakkavaram village, Andhra Pradesh


Name the sector and you will find a women soaring high. Empowerment or equality comes in with the effort you put in or by breaking the glass ceiling on your own and not by shouting slogans.

These women run unit which has 200 women in it, they make about 15,000 masks, 6000 shoe covers and 5,000 lab coats, each day.

Personal Protective equipment is the need of the hour and with the rising cases this is definitely needed amid the crisis.

The crisis have crushed many sectors like employement, salary cut and many more. And with this, it has only reinforced the women to come collective and do something on their own during such a time.

Many who lost the jobs, channelized their skills on tailoring and are producing kits in 1000 for the people working in frontline and handing it over to the state government.

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