Master the social distancing the introvert style


Where a lot of people are finding ‘social distancing’ extremely difficult and boring, it is like they are having major FOMO (Fun of missing out) and are not able to breathe, all the extroverts are like ‘Log kaha hain bro’ ‘Party Bro’ but for an introvert it is practically an easier routine in the times of ‘social distancing’. It is a win-win situation as it’s a dream come true for an introvert as they don’t have to look for excuses to say no to a party, or any social situation right now, and are contributing to limiting a pandemic at the same time.

Here COVID-19, or the novel Coronavirus, is spreading like wildfire in India too, and it’s not surprising. Indians, love to mingle and go out like the social animals. But the only way to break the chain is to self-isolate, or socially distance ourselves till the situation is manageable.

Here are some things you can do to keep yourself occupied while you keep yourself and others safe while you stay indoors!

• Read the book you’ve been putting aside! This is the perfect opportunity to pick up that book you’ve been delaying reading, and also the time where you can catch up and build your reading lists.

• Binge watch films and series! There are a lot of new movies and series available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, most of which are worthy of being watched in one sitting. Watch documentaries, and exclusive streaming content, and you can always watch The Office if nothing else works out.

• Bring a change in your food routine! This is the time you can bring a change in your eating habits and avoid finishing all your quarantine snacks in one go. Plan out the meals wisely as there are no longer swiggy/ zomato out there delivering the peri-peri pizza or French fries. The cheat days can now be in every two days, instead of everyday.

• Try out new recipes! We’re always so busy with either studies or work, that we hardly get any time to channelise our inner MasterChef. This is the perfect time to try out recipes that you keep asking your mom to make. Bake a cake or make rasam.

• Try your hand at a lost skill again! Everyone has those talents that we forget as we grow older because we either don’t have the time or the patience for them, but right now is the best time to check if you still are as awesome as you were, and work on it again.

• Connect with people around you! Without the stress of workload or exams, connect and communicate with the people around you. Call up your family and friends to check on them, and build back relationships. Video call your machas.

• Decorate your room! Roll up your sleeves and rearrange your cupboards and shelves, clean out the junk, and get into all the DIY projects you wanted to try.

• Write! Write all the days at home and spend this time to introspect, or just journal it, as memories for the future and how you survived a pandemic.

• Play board games! And not on your phone, but actual boards. Take out your Monopoly, Ludo and Life boards and play them with your family. This proves to be an immensely communicative activity which will keep you occupied for a long time.

• Take up an online course! Learn a new language, or learn how to code. There are a multitude of courses online on websites like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, amongst others where you can learn anything from spiritual healing to machine languages to digital marketing.

• Listen to Music or jam with the old dusty guitar which you put aside due to hectic schedule.

Apart from these, you can declutter your house, renovate your work space, get a diary organised, find an online job, exercise daily, do some gardening, or complete those never completed to-do lists. Staying at home is not as difficult as it’s cracked up to be, and at this point in 2020, even if it is hard, we need to just toughen up and deal with it, and be considerate to the lives of the people around us.

By Yukta Baid


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