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Meditate to attain the ‘inner stillness’


The body benefits from ‘movement’ and the mind benefits from ‘stillness’, goes a saying. At this point of time, when all of us are being restricted to ‘move’ during to the global pandemic COVID-19, each one of us have an opportunity to meditate in order to gain ‘inner stillness’. Previously we would complain that there is no time to introspect or catch a breath but now we have ample time to introspect and improve.

Since most of us live a ‘hustle-bustle’ life, meditation is essential to feel well and live a happy peaceful life. Specially during this time when people are staying inside those four walls, there are so many thoughts that shuttle across our minds. Practicing few minutes of meditation everyday can help us eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, mental clutter and all other factors that prevent us from contentment. It has been proved that the practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis nourishes the body and soul. Gautama Buddha was once asked, what have you gained from meditation? He replied, “Nothing, but let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

India is a country with diverse religions and most of the religions give importance to meditation because it is believed that there exists a supreme power beyond humans. To connect to this supreme power, meditation serves as a link. Although meditation existed in India from time immemorial, the importance has been stressed of late. No doubt, India has set an example to the other countries of the world for believing in the power of meditation.

From my childhood, my family introduced me to meditation as they believed it’s the strongest power of a human. And today, as I write this post, I’m reminded of the conversations with my grandparents and parents. They said, ‘Come what may, meditation is a tool to solve any kind of problem in life.’ Indeed it is true! Meditation has helped me to connect to my inner self and has taught me to live life with simplicity and patience. Covid-19 has helped in getting a deeper meaning of meditation.

“I urge the citizens of India to practice meditation and not to panic”, stated our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his speeches after the outbreak of corona virus. The citizens of India are blessed to have a leader like PM Modi who believes in this supreme power and who derives energy from meditation. The PM himself is an example to the world who has a lot of positive energy and thinking which is required to handle a crisis like the ongoing pandemic. Thus, he has been instrumental in instilling a ray of hope in the citizens in fighting this deadly virus.

Speaking on the importance of meditation, Man Kaur, an Indian centenarian sprinter who holds world records in the above-100 years old categories in track and field events said, “Meditation is a ritual which teaches us how to live. The real purpose of meditation is to be a part of nature, which is real life. I am always in high spirit when I start my day after meditation,” stated 104-year-old Kaur who is India’s oldest athlete from Punjab.

It is interesting to note that meditation has the power to transform an individual’s life. One such example is Ankita Muwal (27) from Chandigarh who was battling life against Hidradentitis Suppurativa(HS) which is a rare skin disorder. Now having recovered, she said, “Meditation enables you to transform your relationship with your own body. Just like breath is important for my body, introspection is important for my mind and meditation serves the purpose. Meditation which is a part of holistic living has helped me in reviving my health condition and I am proud to say that I am a healthier person now.”

Now the question is what we can do? First of all we are privileged to live at home with family, having fridge stocked with food, reading books, having fun, watching movies, playing board games, etc. I understand that everyone is trying to make the best use during this current situation of lockdown.I strongly appeal that every citizen should meditate and pray for the speedy recovery from this virus. So, all I request you is to dedicate one hour for prayer and meditation in a day. If we think on a broader perspective, if 130 crore Indians pray for one hour in a day, it leads to 130 crore hours of prayer in a day and then imagine, the figure for the next 14 days of the lockdown. If you pray or meditate an hour per day, you are doing your bit and you make an impact in this movement to instill positive vibes in the whole country. We should come together and stand united as one to fight this battle. I believe that we are going to win this war.

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By: P.Bhavesh Kumar Jain


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