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Meet Pilli Devi, an amazing & astounding lady who is surviving just on tea for 33 years


Can you imagine just surviving on Chai for the rest of your life? Well, this woman is doing just that and honestly, everybody shocked and impressed at the same time. This is the story of Pilli Devi or more commonly called “Chai Waali Chachi” from Chhattisgarh who has been drinking only tea for the last 33 years. That’s right. NO other food source, no other nutrients..just Chai.

Just 45 years old, Pilli is the embodiment of “Chai Lover”. She hails from the Koriya district of Chhattisgarh and stopped consuming all food and even water at the young age of 11 when she was merely in 6th grade. According to her father, once went to a district-level tournament and when she returned from there, she completely stopped eating and drinking any water; only drinking Chai.

The move was sudden and her family did not understand this at all. She initially used to eat some bread and biscuit with her tea but gradually, she stopped that as well. In fact, she once had a spat with a milkman as the milk was late and from that day on she decided she would not drink any milk with her tea and now only consumes black tea.

Her family was so concerned about her health that they took her to all hospitals and doctors around the area but none of them found anything to be wrong with her and declared her healthy than most people. “We have taken her to many hospitals, none of the doctors could figure out the reason behind her situation Pilli’s brother, Bihari Lal Rajvade said in an interview.

According to her family, she just prays and takes just one cup of tea before sunset. She rarely comes out of the house and is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Doctors and medical specialists are also taken aback. They have said that no person can survive on just tea for 33 years. Dr. SK Gupta of Koriya District Hospital said that it is impossible for someone to just survive on tea. He said that the 9 days of Navaratri is the only time people can do this but 33 years is a long, long time. What do you think about this amazing story?

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