‘Menstruating Women will be reborn as dogs if they cooked for their husband’ claims self proclaimed Babaji


Since ages women had to deal with these wrong notions of Menstruation that was flung upon by the patriarchal society. Notions like ‘Don’t enter the kitchen, don’t enter the temple’, ‘Don’t sleep on the same bed’ have been ingrained in us at some time.

Finally when people, especially women are being comfortable talking about it and striking it off from the taboo list. Then comes the self-proclaimed priest, Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji who is a senior most priest in Swaminarayan mandir in Bhuj who claims in one of his lectures in Gujarati that “Menstruating women will reborn as ‘Kutri’ if cooked for their husbands.”

There is logic, illogic, and then comes the misogynistic cheap thought that cancels everything and sends a wrong message to the masses. Finally, when things are slowly changing for the good, a priest with a lack of awareness delivers a speech to his followers a year back.

This video went viral when the incident of 68 undergraduate hostellers was asked to strip to prove they are menstruating or not, came into light. This incident took place a month back and it was known that the management of Shri Sahjanand Girls Institute asked the girls to prove it. This elite institute is run by Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir.

Also, it was known that the hostellers are isolated during their period and are asked to stay in a basement and barred from entering the dining hall as food is served to them in a common hall.


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