‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’


Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Ayushmann khurana, Aparajita Adhya, Abish Mathew and Devdas ( the dog).
Director: Akshay Roy
Genre: Rom/ com
Duration: 1h 59min / UA
Though the movie released a while back, you can watch this out on Sunday on Amazon Prime.

Synopsis of the story :
The film is set in kolkata, where before the 1983 World Cup match ,little Abhimanyu sees a cute girl ( Bindu) walking in as their neighbour. As per the Bengali tradition abhi’s mom sends him to welcome their neighbours with samosas and green chutney . Abhimanyu falls in love at first sight with her and she probably with the green chutney. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu craves for only his childhood love Bindu, but she friend zones him forever.

The whole movie revolves around the two characters Bindu ( Parineeti Chopra) and Abhimanyu roy ( Ayushmann khurana) . It’s a pleasing romantic comedy spurred by the performance of Parineeti Chopra, who has made a come back with a gush of wind, backed by the ever dependable Ayushmann khuranna.

Parineeti is looking stunning in her trimmed shape, as usual she hits a 4 with her acting skills. Bindu’s character is relatable as she’s silly, adorable, loves her mom and most importantly loves herself. She lives her life to the fullest, as her mom always tells her, life is like an ice cream it keeps melting and you need to keep lapping it. She doesn’t like binding up into rules. She aspires to become a famous singer . Her ever support system is Abhimanyu Roy, who supports her endlessly . Abhimanyu wants to settle down with bindu but bindu has a bug inside her, which drives her to think ambitiously. But at the end there’s a twist in the plot and tables turn. Expect the unexpected.

Abhimanyu Roy ( Ayushmann khurana) aka Bubla sounds like ‘ bubble wrapper ‘ right?, is a nerdy student, maa and baba ka dulara, his first love is Bindu shankarnarayana ( the girl next door) . He leaves his corporate job in order to become a famous writer. He writes novels like ” chudail ki choli” which is of horror /sex genre. He then waits a while in order to weave a romantic story.

Goof: Pari makes her debut in the singing field, with the song ” Mana Ki hum pyaar nahi”

Both justified their roles. Mesmerizing part of the movie:
• The film is set in the city of hearts ‘kolkata’ , where the north kolkata culture gets captured in the movie
• Devdas the pup which is lazy and adorable
• Ample bong humour, sweet moments that allow the actors to shine
• A rom/ com which hits that sweet spot between your lungs, every once in a while
• The electrifying chemistry between bindu and abhimanyu , who look adorable together.
• The songs were feet tapping and pleasant to hear, for a while it will take you back to 70 ‘S era due to RD Burman and kishore kumar song.

Disrupting parts of the movie:
• The editing was bad, it confuses the public.
• The concept of the story was really sweet, it could have been served well, but with time the essence of the story was lost
• The characters weren’t developed properly, for a moment it made me think, what’s Abish Mathew and the friends doing in the film.
• Unnecessary dialogues.
• There wasn’t coherency in the movie.
• The movie had a bad finishing.
Finally, it is summer and this movie is perfect for the lockdown days.


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