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Middle Class Things You Will Relate To If You Are Raised In One

Middle Class Things You Will Relate To If You Are Raised In One

The highest amount of population in India comprise of middle class people. The highest number of tax payers also probably from the middle class families in India. Kids raised in middle class Indian families happen to witness certain things that not any other people get to experience. So, if you are raised in a middle class family, then we are sure you will relate to these things.

Just check them out.

Most Common Middle Class Things

• The auto rides are the most memorable rides where we will sitting with our whole family rubbing each others shoulders. The Ola and Uber cabs these days have made it affordable to even the middle class, but before they came, autos are our lone transporters

• The younger kids in the middle class families will only understand the struggles of using the old things. They are rarely bought new things. They will be passed the used things of their elder siblings

• Every middle class family will be having a ceramic crockery set at their home which will only be opened and used for special occasions. The occasions may include guests at home, festivals, parties at home. But all the kids in the middle families will feel fancy about eating in them

• This is another one of the most common middle class things that we all must be aware of. Every middle class family in India must be having a bag full of plastic bags in it. The bags will be of different sizes, shapes, colours that they get while shopping, or with gifts. They gather all the bags in a bag and store them for using them often

• The people born in middle class will know the usage of the cool drink bottles. They will never be thrown in the bins immediately after the cool drink in it is completed. They will be used as water storage bottles in the refrigerators. Not only the bottles, the plastic tins that come with ice creams, biscuits will also be not thrown away and will be used in various ways among the Indian house holds

• Our holidays trips will be mostly to relatives homes. We don’t usually go on trips various tourist places. We will be visiting grandparents in the holidays. Holiday trips to other than relatives homes also happen but very rare

• Whenever we visit a restaurant or a hotel, we don’t let the things that we are offered get wasted. We make the best use of them and if cannot make use of them within the limited time, we just snatch them off. We bring home the hotel shampoo, soap sachets. We also bring home the tissues on the table when visit restaurants. Not to forget the saunf at the end of eating food at the restaurant, we eat it there and also bring handful to home

• We use all the products until the last bit or drop of it is completed. We squeeze the tooth paste off, we pour in water in the milk packet, we pour in water in the shampoo bottle
Middle class people will definitely know the value of money. We hope you felt connected to these middle class things. What are the others things that you think we have missed to include. Do mention below.

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