Migrant worker makes a makeshift cart and takes his pregnant wife and daughter for about 700 km


NRIs stranded in abroad are getting evacuated on a plane and recently special trains have been started for sending the migrant labourers.

But there are many migrant labourers that are stranded in several places in the country. It’s been more than 50 days that have been struggling to go back to their homes.

Taking things on their own hands, people have been walking for miles to reach their home.

One example is Ramu, he used to work as a migrant labourer in Hyderabad and his home town is in Madhya Pradesh.

So after walking for some Kilometers, he made a makeshift with the existing materials that were in jungle, and his daughter and child were seen sitting on it.

For about 700 km he has taken them on that makeshift till they reach their district where they were given biscuits and water by the police personnel.

It is sad but true that the unprivileged are the ones who are having a averse time during the lockdown, talking about the migrant workers, some died on way, some were crushed on a railway track.

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