More Awareness needed for Plasma Donors


Plasma therapy is vital for those who are infected with the corona virus and are in critical condition. Young people who have recovered with corona and are perfectly healthy need to come forward to give plasma. But so far only ten people in the state have donated plasma. Doctors say such a situation is due to lack of awareness.

Plasma therapy is the process of recovering plasma from the corona and collecting it from perfectly healthy people and giving it to those in critical condition. 28 Antibodies are well developed in the body after 28 days of recovery from the corona. Those who have recovered need only donate 400 millilitres of blood. In which those in a critical condition with plasma can survive.

Dr. K.S. Jawahar Reddy, IAS Special Chief Secretary, Health Medical & Family Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh said in a media briefing earlier that young people who have recovered with corona and are perfectly healthy should come forward to give plasma. Let no one speculate on this. Plasma collection is available at SVIMS in Tirupati, Kurnool Government General Hospital. Permission is also sought for Vijayawada and Guntur.

There is no problem either for the giver or the taker of the plasma. As of July 24, 39,935,000 people in the state had recovered from corona, of which 70 per cent were under 40 years of age. Of these, only 10 have been given plasma so far.

Underscoring the need for more Plasma donors during this Covid-19 times, Dr. K Prabhakar Reddy, Special Officer, Command Control Room in Andhra Pradesh said, there is a misconception that something will happen if plasma is given. That is completely wrong and baseless. The whole world is following this method. Plasma collection is in accordance with ICMR regulations. We want the recovered youth to come forward

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