Movie to watch – Crazy stupid love !


Bored watching Contagion, Virus and all other movies related to the pandemic. Well, then you needn’t worry at all as I’m there to suggest a movie which is few years old but is still relevant to our times and will definitely put a smile on your face. It is ‘Crazy stupid Love’.

About the movie:
Well this isn’t a crazy stupid love at all. In fact this it is a heartwarming movie that depicts the lives of three couple who believe in different schools of love and ideologies – a middle aged, teenage and the mid 25.

The movie starts of with a scene where the director captures the couples enjoying themselves by doing footsie under the table, things get awkward when Emily weaver (Julian Moore) says that she has slept with her co- worker (David) and that she wants a divorce. The husband (Steve Carell) is numbed in such a way that he opens the car door and stumbles upon the road like a drum. He can’t believe that the ship has hit the ice berg and is on the verge of sinking. Though Carl thinks its a nightmare with a blink of eye things are going back to normal, Emily breaks the silence by saying , it’s over, as things have changed and they are no more the same people, the spark has kindled.

Carl being a sweet heart couldn’t resist the affair of his wife with David, to get over it he sips on vodka cranberry everyday at tudos bar and narrates his saga of how David has made him a cuckeldoo. Then the sizzling charmer (Ryan Gosling) the eligible bachelor swings around Carl Weaver like a magical wand to change his life and make him realize what he’s been missing out. The guy who used to wear XXL shirts transforms into a charmer, a ladies man who sleeps with nine women. But at the end of day he misses his high school love, his one and only Emily whom he first saw when he was 15, realized she was the one, they bonded up over a chocolate mint ice- cream. Since then they have been together, blessed with three children. Though Emily takes a decision to stay apart, she feels a void which only Carl could complete. A tale in the twist appears when the stunning Hannah Banana (Emma stone) decides to hook up with Ryan gosling, the confident lawyer falls in love with the affectionate side of Ryan. Ryan falls in love with the weirdo, while they are on a one – night stand, they have conversations about life, things that matter to them, about families. They develop a strange bond, which is more than attraction.

While everything’s sorted, the miseries are going to end things turn into a circus, people find out the 13 year old son is in love with the 17 year old baby sitter. Things lead to a bizarre.

All is well that ends well and at their 13 year old son graduation ceremony, Carl confesses his love to Emily and each one reconciles with another. Carl accepts Ryan as a prospect for his daughter Hannah and the movie ends with a happy note leaving a message – when you find your soulmate, never give up, there will be ups-downs, but do not give up, as on one fine day you’re going to be that ‘one’ couple conquering everything with ease.

Though people may find Hook – ups, online dating convenient but nothing is like the age old romance which stays fresh and doesn’t stale.

As we live in a physical growing world people may change, time may pass, rosy cheeks may fade away but what stays is LOVE that can be rekindled if put an effort like Carl and Emily the high school sweethearts staying in a marriage for about 25 years.


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