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Mysterious things that happened in 2020


As the world continues to deal with the crazy year that is 2020, here are some crucial stories compiled by Hello Vizag, that may have slipped under the radar. Just read some of the strangest things that have happened this year:

A Star went missing

Have you ever heard of a massive star just …disappearing? For nearly 2 decades, astronomers studies a star in a galaxy 75 million years away, reports the Atlantic. Recently, they looked at the latest observations and realized they could not find it anymore. The discovery was announced last month and it could be the first instance of a star collapsing into a black hole without first exploding into a supernova.

Mystery drones over Colorada and Nebraska

IN January, people in the US states of Colorado and Nebraska began to report mysterious drones in the sky. According to the New York Post, rumors flew thick and fast about drones as big as car flying in grid patterns in the night sky.

A Monkey stole Covid samples

In a weird incident in one of the largest government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, a monkey attacked a lab technician, snatched containing blood samples from three coronavirus patients, and escaped. A video of the incident, which occurred in May, shows the money sitting atop a tree with the simple it stole.

Poland accidentally invaded the Czech Republic

Accidental invasions are not unheard of, but they remain uncommon. IN a minor misunderstanding, the Polish military recently invaded and briefly occupied territory in the Czech Republic and stopped locals from entering a church in their own country, report NPR. This misunderstanding was quickly cleared up and the Polish army retreated.

Pentagon released 3 UFO videos

The United States Department of Defense officially released three short videos showing “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. IN a statement dated 27th of April, the department of defense said that the videos were taken by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2005, and had been circulating on the internet since they were leaked in 2007 and 2017.

NASA warned of asteroids headed to earth

NASA turned heads in August after warning of an asteroid that was supposedly heading directly for the earth, and many were concerned that could lead to our “impending doom”. Although the asteroid, also known as 2018VP1, was technically heading in the earth’s direction and was hurling in our solar system, it wasn’t headed right for the US, as some scientists first projected in November.

Most venomous caterpillars in the U.S. found in Virginia, Texas

They are hairy and they may be cute, but trust us when we say you don’t want to go anywhere near them. One of the most venomous caterpillars in the nation was found in Virginia in October, and as it runs out, they’re already native to the state of Texas. Puss caterpillars, or flannel moths, won’t jump out and bite you, but it is their furry coat you will need to worry about. Their venomous hairs can cause painful burning, a rash, and “intense throbbing pain that develops immediately or within the first five minutes” of touching them, among other symptoms. Some even compare the pain to a “scorching hot Knife”. The best advice? If you see one, steer clear.

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