Nani back in a new avatar with the V teaser


No wonder he is known as the most versatile and natural actor. Be it any role he gets into the skin of the character and with his new V teaser it doesn’t seem like the usual story of Tollywood.

Mohan Krishna Indraganti makes an appealing teaser that leaves the audience thinking. Reveals yet leaves with a tinge of mystery. The movie seems to be a thriller to be watched at the edge of the seat.

The teaser starts on with a serious police officer (Sudheer Babu) who believes in breaking the rules for the right reason and with a serial killer (Nani) on the loose committing a heinous crime with panache. The cinematography of PG Vinda looks on point and definitely the film seems to have something different to offer than the usual rom-com.

And other actors that seem to be a reason to watch the film are Nivetha Thomas and Adithi Rao Hydari.



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