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Nearly 600 kg underwater debris removed along Rushikonda Beach in Vizag


Around 600 kg of garbage has been collected from underwater at Rushikonda beach in Vizag during a special underwater cleanup drive taken up by a group of enthusiasts with the help of scuba diving on Friday. The special underwater cleanup drive was taken upon the occasion of Christmas.

“The event was fun-filled and also motivated many other tourists to participate and carry out the cleanup drive along with the hosts. Women and children too involved in collecting plastic waste. During this massive cleanup drive, around 600 kg of garbage – plastic waste, masks, and waste clothes were collected and thrown in the garbage bins set up on the premises. Rushikonda beach clean-up staff had also joined hands with us and supported the removal of plastic waste from the beach shore. There was a lot of appreciation from the enthusiastic tourists on the cleanup drive,” said 3R ZeroWaste Company Foundation President, PM Balaji.


Livein Adventures and 3R ZeroWaste Foundation has jointly organized the “Undersea clean-up drive”. 3R ZeroWaste Global Youth Ambassador Ashish Katari also participated in the cleanup drive and dived into the sea for a massive undersea cleanup and also over the shore too. A few participants got an opportunity to don the scuba diving sets along with the organizers, thereby enabling them to carry out one of the most massive undersea clean up in the most effective manner.

It was found that face masks, plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, and polythene covers were in abundance among litter totals. All volunteers duly participated in the event with mandatory precautions complying with Covid-19 guidelines.

Livein Adventures team had removed over 16 tonnes of litter and debris from beaches around Vizag since its inception in 2013. The 3R ZeroWaste foundation team had of late started their first project of developing Manesar in Haryana into a plastic-free city with the active participation of local residents therein.

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