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Neena Gupta – A night that changed her life forever


She got pregnant because of that night. During the ’80s when the West Indies cricket team had come down to India for a series, Sir Vivian Richards was a fabulous player both on and off the field. His charm was irresistible, she fell in love with him and they had spent a night together and that one-night resulted in her pregnancy.

As per Caribbean tradition which believes, that men cannot be with multiple women, he could not be with her but he admitted to their affair without any hesitation. She has faced a lot of criticism for raising her only daughter on her own. Her daughter Masaba Gupta, is a leading fashion designer and also runs a fashion brand in her own name. She is a strong independent woman who wears her own badge and her origin does not define her current life story.

Although it started from a one-night stand, he did not leave his family to fend on its own. The father and daughter still meet each other. She makes it a point to visit him at least thrice a year. Meanwhile, at the age of 50, she got married to a CA from Delhi, Vivek Mehra. Even after being chastised by everyone around her, Neena never let that put her down. Her career never suffered and she even got awards for her performances in movies of many languages. A woman, who did not let others dictate or define her. She is surely a model of success.

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