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New ‘Fit Club’ in Vizag


Everyone seeks to remain fit but procrastination has always been a thing that we swear by when it comes to exercise. Watching an Instagram video may push you to get a yearly membership at the gym but let us confess that irregularity is the final result. It is a lack of intrinsic motivation.

Not to worry though as fitness enthusiasts and people who want to start working out have a new go-to destination, ‘The Fit Club’. It will be starting from March 1st, 2020, which will welcome new speakers and host a meeting every Sunday. Under the roof, the speakers would include hardcore fitness enthusiasts and veterans from the fitness community in Vizag who will speak about their experiences, the lifestyle changes they underwent to finally achieve the desired result, they will also talk about how fitness helped them physically and mentally. Beginners are also welcome to talk about their expectations by joining this community as it will help them as individuals to feel confident.

With the Fit India campaign sweeping people off their feet to move pan-India, Vizagities seem a bit led back. But it is never too late, as they say, various workshops and fitness communities have started sprouting in and around Visakhapatnam. TFC aims to bring awareness to the multitude of benefits fitness brings to a person.

This idea was sprouted by Ms. S.V. Sabha, owner of Kaloreez and Gluttons Garage. She said “ the resto offers healthy food options but a club like this was long overdue. We wanted people to know about the healthier alternatives to their routine favorites. Thinking of the new year, we thought of The Fit Club, where everything fitness related can be discussed, from food to actual workouts.”

The first meeting will be held on March 1st, at Gluttons Garage, near RK Beach. The speakers chosen for this session are Farzana Begum (Personal Trainer), Sree Lakshmi (Pinkathon Marathon Runner), Varanasi Surya Pavan (Fitness Enthusiast), and Bhavana Rao Gangula (Yoga Trainer). The timings are from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. At a minimal price of ₹200/-, members would get complimentary brunch, which includes a beverage and a meal, and the opportunity to interact and engage with the fitness community in Vizag.
By Yukta Baid


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