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Covid-19 symptoms appear to be somewhat confusing. Where to go for the test? Who to contact and How to contact? Which hospital should I go to if I am positive? Many lingering doubts for victims like this.

Steps have been taken to resolve all these by calling the 104-call center set up by the state government.

* If you call 104, the details of the hospitals in the state for corona control, diagnosis and treatment will be given immediately.

* Thousands of people are receiving services every day through this call center, which is set up to help the victim within half an hour of making a phone call.

* The government has made available these 104 call centers 24 hours a day, one at the state level and one in each district.

Information on COVID 19 Infra

Hospitals across the state can find details of vacant beds as well as COVID care centers and the number of beds in them.

State COVID Hospital information and details of beds are to be given to those with chronic illnesses.

COVID-19 testing centers and its timings

List of private hospitals treating Covid-19 and their availability of beds.

You can find out more by calling 104

* When you call 104 you will be asked what services and information you need
* Pressing 1 will respond to general health issues.
* Corona responds to problems as soon as 2 is pressed.
* The call center representative will know the complete details and health condition from the victim who made the phone call.
* If the condition is severe with fatigue or other corona problems, the district authority will be notified immediately.
* In case of emergency, an ambulance will be sent to the person within 30 minutes and steps will be taken to get him to the hospital.
* Relevant person information is sent to the doctors before the victim reaches the hospital.

Apply for the COVID test online

As the number of COVID cases is increasing, the state government is offering the opportunity to request for COVID examination online. If anyone in your cluster wants to test COVID, open this link

Complete information related to the person concerned should be filled. The concerned officer will contact them and take steps to test them. The state government wants the people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Covid-19 Dashboard for Hospital Details:

As the number of COVID cases increases, the government is also increasing the number of hospitals required to treat the victims. The state government has made available online the details of COVID hospitals in the state, total number of beds, vacant beds, general beds with ICU, oxygen, and ventilator beds.

Click on the web link

to know the details of the beds in the respective districts by clicking on the names of the respective districts. This will enable patients to be taken to hospitals where the beds are vacant, officials said.

In addition, you can make a missed call to 14410 for YSR telemedicine and talk to a doctor over the phone to report health problems. For official information on Covid-19, you can message WhatsApp number 8297104104 or dial 8297104104 to get information through IVRS.

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