No matter what age the person belongs to, ‘Bullying’ is not okay!


Everybody has faced and does face bullying no matter at which age they belong. What seems funny for one turns out to be hurtful for the other.

Recently a 6-minute video that was posted by Yarraka Bayles of her younger son Quaden, on Wednesday in Brisbane has stirred up the conversation of bullying. The video is heartbreaking as the nine-year-old as picked up from school cries and says he wants to kill himself. The boy is affected quite a lot as his friends bully him for having dwarfism. The boy sobs incessantly ask “Someone please stab my heart. I want to die”.

Luckily the mother witnesses the incident, so she addresses the issue of Bullying, what if she didn’t see her son getting bullied for his height.
Bullying happens so rapidly that it has been conditioned within us. Either some are bullied for their weight or height or the skin colour. It isn’t fun as it seems to be. It causes a greater impact on people and some people have come forward to talk about it.

Samaira who is pursuing her graduation says “Being called ‘potti’, ‘dark skin’ was so normal that I started making fun of myself and now it doesn’t bother me anymore but when I was in school it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be. It would hurt me. I would start feeling low about myself.”
Another girl was bullied for being fat. She said “People would call me ‘moti’, put nicknames that would hurt me and eventually I started wearing XXL shirts, even now after losing weight I don’t want to go back to wearing normal clothes as that trauma hasn’t left me ahead.

Bullying is so prevalent that it has become the new normal. Don’t let it be normal as you witness anything happening around you or to others seek for help.


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– . Devastated mother shares heartbreaking footage of her son, nine, wanting to end his life after kids targeted him over his dwarfism – and issues a powerful message to bullies. – . Yarraka Bayles fue a buscar al colegio a su hijo de nueve años y lo encontró llorando después de haber sufrido #bullying. Decidió grabarlo para generar conciencia. “Dame una soga, me quiero matar”, dice entre lágrimas Quaden. “Ojalá podamos lograr un cambio y que otras familias y niños no sufran las consecuencias del bullying”, concluye la madre con su voz también quebrada. 📹 Vía @yarraka_bayles | @infobae. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullyinghurts #nomasbullying #inocencia #nuestrosniños #allweneedislove #hagamosconciencia #bullyingkills ##nomásbullying #bullyingsucks #antibullying #saludmental #saludemocional #saludmental #concienciaplena #masamorporfavor #masamormenosodio #crueldad #niñossanos #mentesana #westandwithquaden #quaden #nohate.

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