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No one will be spared for illegal constructions: Chief City Planner Vidyullatha


Many high-rise buildings coming up near the highway at Ayyappanagar in the Kapparada area seem to be illegal according to the town planning department report of GVMC. Though many are taking advantage of the stay orders from the courts, very soon, we will take necessary action or rather crack the whip on illegal constructions with the help of the judiciary, clarified a senior official of the town planning department.

In the past, there has been a dispute related to the construction site at Ayyappanagar between two or three parties. Besides that, the builder applied for plan approval and subsequently paid the approval charges as per the GVMC directions. But, after that, the town planning department sent notices to the builder to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Urban Land Ceiling (ULC) Wing. But, as a layman can easily perceive the prevailing construction atmosphere in the city limits, the builder speeded up the construction work laying slab after slab without taking a No Objection Certificate from the ULC. All this and more, this happened in connivance with town planning department officials, who have extended their full cooperation in the completion of the building construction.

By the time GVMC official on the verge of taking action on the illegal construction site, the builder obtained a stay order from the court. Accordingly, the matter has been hushed up. With the completion of the time for a stay order, the GVMC official once again sent 452 notices for taking action. So this time, the builder once again approached the court to maintain the status quo of the earlier stay order. Even after that, the department is submitting all relevant matters as required by the courts. Also, a petition was filed by the GVMC officials in the court through the standing counsel that how come the builder completed the construction without obtaining due permission from the concerned authorities.

Action on the part of negligence in the line of duty among the town planning wing is in progress and a separate file has been prepared. Accordingly, GVMC Commissioner G Srijana will be sending the file to the state government who were responsible for the dereliction of duty whether to suspend or surrender the employee. Very soon, action will be initiated on the erring officials.

On the other hand, once the time limit of the status quo order is over, necessary action will be taken against the illegal construction, clarified GVMC Chief City Planner R Jyothi Vidyullata. Not only this, we have recommended to the Commissioner to take strict action against wilful and negligent officials dealing with construction permits, she added. Nobody will be spared as far as illegal constructions are concerned. Towards this end, we are preparing files to tighten the noose around illegal constructions and crack the whip sooner than the latter.

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