No salaries or pensions on the sixth day of the month in AP


Revenues staring to drying up in Andhra Pradesh amid the coronavirus outbreak making the state to struggle to pay even salaries and pensions. Earlier, the government said they will pay half of the salaries, and the same is continuing it seems. As of today, the sixth day of the month, the pensioners have not yet received their pension. The government, which had earlier withdrawn the cuts after the High Court erred in imposing cuts on pensioners, is yet to know when the pension will be paid. However, the number of welfare schemes in the state continues unabated.

At present, Rs. 1000 crores available in the treasury for making payment of salaries and pensions but that will not suffice. To meet the urgent requirement of Rs. 5500 cores for disbursement of salaries and pensions, the government is mortgaging bonds. Assurances that problems will be solved seems to be only rhetoric.

Governments generally say that development and welfare schemes run equally in any state. However, no state government would dare to put the salaries of key employees on hold and run them like in AP. This is because the same employees are required to run the administration and implement welfare schemes. But in AP the situation is different. Regardless of the severe financial crisis, the government’s drive towards welfare schemes is ultimately affecting the employees who have to implement them. Despite the fact that government revenue has been declining for a few months, the steps taken by the government are becoming a curse to the employees and pensioners.

The YSRCP made a number of promises to voters before coming to power last year. CM Jagan has instructed that all of them should be implemented without fail. In addition to the promised schemes, new schemes are also being announced from time to time. With this, the state’s economic situation is turning upside down. No one has any answer as to why the announcement of unsecured schemes. The officers did not have the courage to tell the facts to the Chief Minister. With this, all this is turning into a false prestige affair.

Under such circumstances, no one knows where the money for the capitals will come from. On the other hand, the center has given Rs 2,000 crore as funding to the capital of Amaravati … Now the YSRCP government has no fears of what it means to help the three capitals. As such, there is no provision for allocating funds from its own treasury. Nor is it likely to bind itself to the capital of Amravati. With this, it seems that the issue of capital is going to have a serious impact on the originally depleted treasury.

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