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Nostalgic 90s birthday parties: Taking you back to those memories


Now, with the change in trend and technology, everyone is celebrating their birthdays in a very fashionable way. People tend to make photoshoots and celebrate their birthdays as events.

But only the 90s kids know the value of birthday parties they used to have then. 90s kids’ birthdays used to be very nostalgic. Those are the memories that we, the 90s kids can cherish forever.

Here is a glimpse of those birthday memories which takes us back to our 90s.

The shopping phase:

Birthdays are meant for new dresses. But in those days shopping for new dresses used to start at least before one month. Going shopping beforehand and buying the dresses which were in trend those days used to be such a great time pass. We used to go to every shop and mall with our parents in the city and bought dresses in our favourite color. Apart from the dress, girls buying their matching jewelry and boys buying their shoes and watches is a common thing.

The excitement:

The celebrations used to begin before the birthday itself. The decor items and chocolates are bought beforehand making sure nothing is missed at that time. Wearing the dress for 100s of times, naming it as a trial before the birthday even shows up is something which we used to do.

The main day!

With excitement we used to get up earlier on the birthday. We used to get ready by wearing the new dress which we already wore many times in the name of fitting and watching it. We used to go to school. And here comes the best part. Everyone complimenting you and your dress. With everyone wishing you and complimenting you, the day gets started.

The chocolate distribution:

Here comes another main part. Distributing chocolates. This used to be toughest because you get to choose only one of your best friends to take with you to distribute chocolates. In the name of distributing chocolates your friends used to bunk their classes along with you. Giving your favourite teachers and your best friends two chocolates and only one chocolate to other classmates is the thing we used to do.

Pros of going to school on birthdays!

Another golden opportunity you will be getting is that no teacher can beat you in the name of not completing your homework or coming late to the class. You can also leave the school early. Another thing that makes us feel special is everyone used to be in uniform and you get to wear a brand new birthday dress.

And after finishing school in the evening, then comes the grand birthday party! Yay!

The birthday girl/boy used to leave the school in the afternoon and get ready for the birthday party which is in the evening. In the afternoon after getting to eat all of your special dishes made by your mother, the birthday decoration gets started. When it’s time for your friends to come from school, the neighbourhood used to visit your home with gifts in their hands. Mostly the gifts from friends used to be pens, pencils, boxes and stuff.

The cake cutting:

And here comes the major part, cake cutting. Birthdays without cakes are nothing! A cake on which happy birthday is written with your name used to be presented in front of you. When all of your friends and parents are present, cake cutting gets started with everyone around you singing the nostalgic happy birthday song. You get to cut your own cake and eat.

The birthday special platter:

After the cake cutting, everyone used to get a platter in which there is a piece of cake, mixture, samosa or puff, chips with the mandatory drink sprite, fanta or rasna.

With the cake cutting ceremony there used to be a handy kodak camera which we used for taking pictures.

Games and gift opening sessions:

After we are done with the whole ceremony and eating, the interesting part comes playing games and opening gifts when the party’s over and everyone leaves! The games that we used to play were musical chairs, dog and the bone, singing and dancing and bursting all the birthday balloons.

And the day there ends with lots of cake and fun. Most importantly with lots and lots of memories. You are lucky if you are a 90s kid. If you even had this kind of birthday you would know the fun.

By Priyanka Komakula

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