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Isn’t it wonderful to know that your gifts and decor items were made from recyclable materials? So, here there is a one stop destination to your gifting needs and decorative resources. V Bhagyasree and Vivek N Rathod have come up with a unique idea and have founded a one of its kind initiatives called ‘The Indian Bowerbird’.

Yes, their products are made from discarded materials, thus being environment friendly and soul soothing. They also customise with various patterns and designs on bottles, greeting cards, wall hangings, glass paintings, wall art and many more.

On being asked what made the duo take up this initiative, they say it is environmental pollution. “Trekking and bird watching being one of our many passions, finding beer bottles, glass bottles and other kind of plastic wastes strewn all over the forest lands too, gave a twitch inside our minds,” said Bhagyasree and Vivek.

“What can we do? What is in our hands? As time passed, these questions were in mind. My friend showed me a decorated glass bottle in her house, which led us to the discussion and finally the initiation of “The Indian Bowerbird”. Basically, an upcycling-based craft store, the firm also deals with production and sales of other art and crafts such as sketches, portraits, wall decorations, customized greetings, customized bottle gifts for occasions, etc,” added Bhagyasree.

Customized bottles are being planned for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, family photos, friendship day, valentine day, etc based on the demand and requirement of the individual customer. Other than this, they also plan to spread awareness through bottles, especially to children on various subjects such as wildlife, histories, geography, Indian culture, etc.

“We document our bottle procurement from different areas. While most of the bottles are collected from litter in forest lands, tourist spots, few are resourced from friends. This initiative has given us the satisfaction that we are contributing to the clean-up and upcycling of products that are otherwise dumped and ultimately lead to pollution. Soon we will be registering our initiative and have broader plans including labour involvement and large-scale production of home décor and gifting services,” said Vivek.

People can follow them: Facebook @ The Indian Bowerbird and Instagram @ the_indian_bowerbird

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