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Now grow your own veggies and fruits easily


With the recent resurgence of farming in and around cities, most of the people have been reconnecting to agriculture by growing food themselves, visiting farmer’s markets, etc. Throughout the country, urban farming is establishing itself as an integral part of local and regional food systems.

People who live in apartments or gated communities or group houses or the ones who have a terrace / balcony wish to grow vegetables on their own but they don’t have access to the materials to grow or do not have much idea on how to start.

“We have introduced an Urban Farming kit and the main reason behind it is to make an individual independent on growing things on their own. Consultation can be done over a phone call anytime. It’s a Pan India product and our aim is to make people practice urban farming and grow their own produce,” said Sanjay Romala, Founder, Farm19.

Tips to use the Urban farming kit:

1) Open the kit
2) Take out the materials
3) Take out the natural potting mixture which consists of COCO PEAT, NEEM POWDER, ORGANIC MANURE Mix.
4)Take out the VERMI COMPOST Powder.
5)Now fill the potting mix which is a mixture of coco peat+ Organic Manure+ Neem Powder and mix Vermi Compost in the grow bags.
6) After this process, Sow the respective seeds placed inside the box.
7) Now spray a little quantity of water. Don’t over water.
8)Spray Organic Fertilizers for better growth.
9)Enjoy the harvest of fresh vegetables from your own garden.

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