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The Andhra Pradesh state government on Tuesday issued a notification framing rules relating to the issuance of licenses for rearing dogs and pigs.

What does it says:

Each person who owns or is in charge of dog/s or pig/s should apply for the grant or renewal of license with the executive authority for free or by paying an amount fixed by the local authority.

The owners should submit a health certificate along with an anti-rabies vaccination certificate in the case of dogs, and a health certificate along in the case of pigs issued by a local government veterinary doctor.

Gram panchayats have been asked to supply token that needs to be tied around the neck of the animals. An animal found without a token around its neck shall be considered unlicensed. Unlicensed dogs and pigs found straying in public places within the limits of a gram panchayat will be captured, and operated with animal birth control.

When an animal is captured, the executive authority shall intimate the owner of its detention and the period within which it should be released on producing the license and payment of a penalty. In case, nobody claims ownership, the animal will be considered a stray.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Ravikeerti, an animal activist said It’s actually an encouraging sign that the government wants to start animal birth control programs in rural areas too. However, mass culling of dogs is quite common in villages, which is illegal according to IPC sections 428 and 429, and the PCA Act, 1960.

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