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Nutrify India donated immunity supplements to GIMSR Covid-19 warriors


Aiming to donate 2 lakh doses of Immunity supplements to COVID19 frontline workers and doctors in the country under social responsibility initiative noted Mumbai based nutraceuticals company NutrifyIndia has donated a large volume of immunity supplements to GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (GIMSR) hospital.GIMSR received two consignments of nutritional supplements which were distributed to front-line healthcare workers in a simple ceremony. While participating in the distribution programme.

GIMSR Medical Superintendent Dr.D.Dwarakanathappreciated Nutrify for their noble gesture. He informed that GIMSR recognized as one of the best COVID19 treatment hospitals in the Visakhapatnam region particularly GIMSR medical teams treated around 5000 carona cases which received wide appreciations from the public. GIMSR Medical College Vice-Principal Dr.Muralikrishna, GIMSR Hospital Quality Manager KarthikBhogavalli and others participated in the program.

Giving is part of the brand, and in these challenging times, we especially appreciate our first responders and hospital staff, who have been putting their lives at risk,” said Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst and Founder of Nutrify India. Despite vaccination coverage for the healthcare workers, there is no concrete evidence that it protects them as they are continuously exposed to extreme viral load, he adds. He informed that large food companies have joined the movement to support and nourish healthcare workers and populations hit hardest by the economic fallout associated with COVID-19.

Spearheading this movement in India donated immunity supplements to hospitals, jointly with leading pharmaceutical companies.“NutrifyIndia today engaged hospitals across India from Pondicherry to Kashmir to ensure donations reached the healthcare workers,” Srivastava stated.

Dietary supplement makers donated their supply of such immunity supplements, which will reach around 200,000 healthcare providers in a couple of weeks, through this one-of-a-kind initiative. The companies that came forward and partnered with NutrifyIndia include Tablets India, Fast and Up, ZenovaLifesciences, Shield Healthcare, TroikkaPharma, Lifespan, Thinsol, Crius, Pulse Pharma, Esperer Nutrition, Strive Nutrition, and Origins Nutra.

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