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On this Ozone day you need to know about the aim of Google to run on carbon free energy by 2030


Chloro floro hydrocarbons emitted from companies, vehicles, air conditioners refrigerators etc, are depleting the Ozone layer. Wildfires is also a cause for the depletion of Ozone layer. This covid-19 lockdowns had shown that Ozone layer heels when the pollutents and carbon emissions in the air decreases.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Western United States had witnessed the burning of a record area due to wildfires this month. These incidents have increased awareness on climate change. Google wants to take this awareness further, through its new goal. It wants to power its data centres and all its offices worldwide through carbon free electricity by 2030. It clearly means that 24/7 electricity for all its work spaces will be through renewable energy.

Sundar Pichai also stated that the actual problem is so immense, everyone should come forward and many of us should show the path. Though we are a small player we want to set an example for others. Last year 61 percent of Google’s hourly electricity usage at global level is through renewable energies including wind and solar energy. Google wants to take it further and generate it’s 100 percent electricity through renewable sources.

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