Once again, Uncovered Borewell claims 3-year-old child’s life


Death of 3-year-old Sanjay Sai Vardhan in Telangana who had fallen into abandoned borewell on 27th may 2020, Wednesday once more brought the attention on the hazards of abandoned and open borewells.

despite12 hours of intense rescue operation, the NDRF teams could not save the child from dying of asphyxiation. His body was recovered on Thursday’s morning. The incident took place in Podichanpally village of Papannapet- Medak district, Telangana.

This incident once again reminds how dangerous are the uncovered and abandoned borewells are. Since they are very narrow and dug into the earth for the depth of hundreds of feet. The chances to save the lives of those who are stuck inside is very less. The walls of the borewell are rugged and has hardly any space to pull out the child. And most of the victims are children who are already terrified and cannot understand and comprehend the instructions.

The topography of the area where the accident occurred most of the times cause obstruction in the rescue operations. If the rescue team is not careful, there are chances for the pit to collapse, killing the victim then and there. The most popular method of rese operations is drilling a parallel hole and the move horizontally until the path reaches victim. But this does not guarantee the operation to be successful due to the large amount of time that this process consumes and meanwhile the patient may die of asphyxiation or lack of oxygen just like in this case.

Hence the most effective measure to prevent such accidents is sealing the borewells immediately. People should not let their children play anywhere around these borewells. Despite many of such fatal accidents claiming lives of innocent children, people still remain careless in closing the wells or at least in putting warning signs around these. Please remain cautious of such borewells and enough form the owners or the authorities if you spot such unclosedborewells.

By Kavya Sarvasiddi


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