One time Password is compulsory for delivery of LPG Cylinder: New Rule


Is the cylinder booked? The LPG Cylinder will be delivered only after the customer shows the One Time Password (OTP) or Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) which they will receive on their registered mobile number through SMS mode while printing the delivery challan of the customers’ booking. The delivery boy delivers the cylinder after entering the OTP in the company app on his phone. If the OTP does not arrive, customers can show their Aadhaar card and pick up the gas cylinder.

Gas companies hope to thwart the black marketing of LPG cylinders. If customers do not register their mobile numbers they should register immediately. Customers can also update if there is any change in mobile numbers. The central government is taking steps to provide fast, high-tech services to customers as well as to curb irregularities in the gas delivery system. The new policy has already been implemented in several parts of New Delhi. Soon a similar system will be implemented across the country. The decision was taken by the Central Government on the instructions of the Ministry of Petroleum. But it remains to be seen when this will be implemented across the country.

The OTP approach is already there for Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana women customers from Below Poverty Line (BPL) households. Now it will be available to other customers soon. The Petroleum Department has also directed to digitize everything from gas booking to delivery. It is the intention of the Department of Petroleum to put a brake on black marketing. Speaking to Hello Vizag, manager of Bhaskar Enterprises, distributors of Bharat Gas in Akkyapalem, Prakash Rao said, “It is a welcome initiative by the central government which can put a spanner in the black marketing. It also helps us to close the bill at the delivery sport. Earlier, after submitting bills by the delivery boy at the office, then the request used to be closed, now it will be faster. Though we have been instructed to follow this rule strictly from the 1st of September, no written guidelines have been provided towards this initiative.

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