Origin of lip-smacking pani puri


When they said “little joys of life”, I think they were talking about pani puri. People of different ages and classes stand in front of a pani puri vendor quietly in a queue and wait for their turn, bonding over this yummy goodness.

There is something comfortingly familiar about eating a humble pani puri – a crispy hollow ball made of semolina or wheat, filled with spicy potatoes and topped with tangy, spicy tamarind water made fragrant by mint leaves and black salt.

It may sound like culinary chaos, but that this spicy, crunchy wonder is absolutely delicious.

Did you know that this snack is equally famous in Pakistan? It is famous in neighboring countries of India like Bangladesh and Nepal as well.

Like with every Indian food, Pani Puri too has an origin that is bathed in mystery.
There is of-course a food history of the Panipuri that has links with Indian mythology. It is said that the birth of Panipuri took place in Magadha which was a south Bihar kingdom existent around the 4th century BC. It is said to be the birthplace of many traditional food items among which one was the beloved Panipuri.

Interestingly there is one more legend associated with Pani Puri! It is said that Mother Kunti wanted to test the newly married Draupadi, during their exile. She wanted to see if the new bride could manage with meagre resources. She gave her a little wheat dough, enough to make one Puri, and some leftover potato curry. Draupadi managed to come up with a delicacy which not only satisfied their hunger but was delicious as well. The ingenious dish was none other than Pani Puri. Kunti was thrilled and blessed Draupadi’s new delicacy with immortality.

I’m sure the sound “Pani puri ” has set your mouth in watering-mode. I don’t blame you. Devour your eyes on this beauty.

Inputs from Vuha Kunapareddy

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