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To make everyone healthy and encourage fitness, Waltair Division is organizing “Fit India Freedom Run” from 15th August to 2nd October-2020 over its jurisdiction. Due to lockdown in wake of Coronavirus infection, everyone stayed at home to make India free from the pandemic. This might have lead to obesity, stress, sluggishness, etc among the public.

The main aim of conducting this Run is to promote fitness among the railway personnel and the public to get rid of obesity, sluggishness, stress, anxiety, and other diseases. The concept behind this run is that “one can run anywhere, anytime, any route, at any pace.” This program is more important given wellbeing to improve immunity in the context of current circumstances.

Today Fit India Freedom Run was conducted from East Point to RK Beach under the leadership of Divisional Railway Manager, Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, and Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Shri A.K. Tripathi. Officers, staff, and family members participated in the Freedom Run. Similar fitness runs are also being organized by various departments on assigned days throughout this period.

Speaking on this occasion DRM Shri Chetan Kumar said that fitness is a very important aspect of life to keep oneself healthy, which in turn helps in fighting against such pandemic by improving natural immunity. In a healthy body lives a healthy soul and a healthy person can contribute to national development immensely. Railways always stand at the forefront to shoulder the social responsibility for the wellbeing of society. He thanked the participants, railway fraternity, all the departments, and the media for supporting the noble cause.

The organizers took all measures to observe the protocols related to Covid-19 including social distancing among the participants.

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