Over 2,78,502 Olive Ridleys nests at Odisha’s Rushikulya


While humans are staying indoors, animals are enjoying their freedom at open spaces during a lockdown. Previously, where there would be noise, pollution, people all over, now the deserted places are giving away the spaces where the animals are rejoicing their own sweet time.
The environment is boosting up globally. From birds migrating to dolphins showing up in Mumbai waters and now mass nesting of Olive Ridley in Odisha’s Rushikulya rookery.
Mass nesting usually happens during this time in the season, previously in 2018, there was about 4,73,000 mass nesting of olive ridley. It is such a popular event that tourists flock in to see it. Last year in 2019, there were no signs of Olive ridley but this year with no noise and mass gatherings of people. The endangered species came out in masses for nesting at the shore.
They dig nests and lay eggs in the beach. It started around 2 am on March 21 where the species started coming to the shore. The beach was cleaned thoroughly before hand as a means of protection for the species.


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