Own Bank and special currency – Fugitive Godman Nithyananda


As the entire world knows the controversial fugitive guru and self-anointed “godman” Nithyananda, who is facing charges of abduction and rape in India has claimed to established his island nation off the coast of Ecuador, now came with another sensational statement that he will own special currency and establish Hindu Reserve Bank in his country called Kailash on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 22nd of August.

Towards this end, according to him, all kinds of formalities have been completed and the policy documents are placed to move forward legally. Photographs of Nithyananda pictures on the printed currency notes are already going viral. He also signed with various countries in this regard to validate his currency.

Despite being declared fugitive by the Indian government for more than a year ago, Nithyananda continues to broadcast live to his followers on YouTube on a platform that he claims to have established of his new nation. In the past, Ecuador’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jaime Marchan Romero denied and said Ecuador is a sovereign and independent republic and not “nobody’s land” where any national or foreign adventurer can act outside the law.

According to his website, he also designed a passport, flag, and national emblem for his country. He also said that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have been formed and will continue to rule. Ecuador, however, denied the allegations. Interpol issued a Blue Corner notice in February seeking the whereabouts of Nithyananda. It has now been announced that it will also set up its bank.

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