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Oxygen generator will be the new feature in KGH very soon


With a view to achieve self-sufficiency in meeting its own oxygen requirements and to cater to the rising need to other hospitals in the region, King George Hospital in Vizag, is working at breakneck speed to complete the installation of an Oxygen generator (Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)).

Towards this, the work on construction of a shed for the PSA plant, flooring and electrical works for the two oxygen generators, of 1,000 LPM (Litres Per Minute) capacity each, has been completed by the A.P. Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation (APMSIDC).

In the first week of this month, we received two oxygen generators and subsequently, they were placed on the pedestals. But for the installation/erection of compressors, oxygen generator, air drier, air receivers and connection to the oxygen manifold system is pending completion by Airox Technologies Private Limited. It will get ready within a few weeks’ time, Dr. Sudhakar Added.

The central government in the past sanctioned two oxygen generators of 1,000 LPM (Litres Per Minute) each to KGH. The KGH hospital has already has liquid oxygen tanks of 20 KL tank capacity that meet the requirements of the super-specialty block and 13 KL tank capacity is connected to the different wards in the hospital. On a regular basis, these tanks are refilled with liquid oxygen and on average daily oxygen requirement of KGH is around 3,500 litres.

So, keeping the rising demand during the Covid-19 times, these oxygen generators will be an alternative to us, when there is a shortage in the supply of liquid oxygen. It will be of immense help during the prevailing situation, he said.

The supply of oxygen gas from the liquid oxygen tanks goes through the pipelines to the wards and super-specialty block. Stating further, Dr. Sudhakar said that the purity of oxygen supplied through cylinders and by conversion of liquid oxygen ranges between 98% and 99%, the purity of oxygen produced by the oxygen generators will be in the 93% – 95% range.

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