Pandemic may come in control but what about rapes, will it ever be stopped ?


Since the age of Mahabharata to the millennial age, Rape, Domestic Violence have been a constant thing.

It has been on an escalation and sores higher with everyday. Every second there is a rape or a domestic violence in a household.

Some fall prey to their own family members and some to a stranger. Difference is some get reported others stay under the carpet.

Even during such a time, when everything is shut down, people are falling ill, staying indoors.

Some people are taking undue advantage. Recently a 25 year old youth was arrested for assaulting a minor girl while she was watching television.

The incident happened on April 16 but came into light on April 18 after her parents lodged a complaint.

In another incident, again a minor girl was lured by a youth in chittoor district and was raped in an isolated area, after the incident, he abducted and is on loose.

As people are staying indoors, it is a trouble for many as domestic violence is on rise – it is not just physical extortion but mentally and emotionally hurting someone. It is seen happening on both the genders but mostly women are the victim.

Seeing all the current situation, it boils down to a thought that the pandemic may stopped cause of its vacination but what about rapes, domestic violence, what is the vaccination for it ? When will it stop ?

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