Panic buying avails in all the markets in Visakhapatnam

Panic buying avails in all the markets in Visakhapatnam

People are panicked and also spreading the panic faster than the spread of COVID-19. With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing on Thursday that a one-day ‘Janta Curfew’ will be held on March 22 from 7am to 9pm, things led in a messy way in the city.
Rather than getting the essence of the message, people started rushing into the markets like Bees to the cosmos on Thursday and Friday. Buying incessantly at different stores like More, Spencer, Rythu Bazaars and D Mart.
Panic buying was common in all the stores in the city, from medical stores to grocery stores, it was flocked by consumers.
People are panic buying double the amount of their regular requirement. Irony is that the literate people are seen at a much higher rate in these markets. Despite knowing the novel Coronavirus spreads from person to person and it is wise to avoid the mass gatherings.
People weren’t only seen without masks but were rushing to buy things as if it is a race. Relying on wrong forwards at Whatsapp was not any less that people were seen buying the essential commodities in a bulk.
In the time of adversity it isn’t panic that will yield a solution. People need to work collaboratively. One family staying fine isn’t the way to curtail to situation. Essential commodities store will be open, it is only on March 22nd that the nation will be on a lockdown.
The Prime Minister and all the Government officials are clear that the essential commodities will be there in a considerable amount for people there is nothing to worry about but with panic buying things are going to get worse, there will be a shortage.
Which was evident in the case of masks and Hand sanitizers, people bought it in such a bulk that there have been a shortage.
Lakshmi, who works as a domestic helper says “I do not really know what is happening in and around. The only idea that I have about this pandemic is it is dangerous. With everyone buying in such a bulk. The prices are increasing because of it we are facing shortage.”
Caring for yourself isn’t going to curtail this issue, you need to think about others too cause COVID-19 can happen to anyone and it spreads.

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