Parking fees are still levied at the commercial establishment


It was a while back that the GVMC came up with an order which said that the parking fees shouldn’t be taken from any customer at cinema theatres, malls or commercial establishment according to the hours they make a stay.
If less than 30 minutes then they need not pay, if more than an hour if they buy something equal or more than the parking fee amount then they need not pay. Despite the orders still, the commercial establishments are charging fee from consumers on the basis of maintenance fees.
The establishments are charging now on the basis of lighting, security being provided to the vehicles. It was first issued that if any establishments are found disregarding the rule then the penalty would be levied where first time if the rule is broken then they have to pay Rs 10,000 and second time it would be Rs 50,000.
Major revenue is generated due to the parking fee and if it is stopped then most of it will get lost but charging fee despite the rule passed by GVMC is irking the consumers. Even after the regulations as the fee is being charged and the consumers are flocking in to question about the action being taken. It is said that the officials will be inspecting and action will be taken for sure on them after seven days.


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