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Patient-Centric Cancer Clinics Launches in Andhra Pradesh


To add more firepower to the fight against cancer, ‘Cancer Clinics’ launched its unique ‘patient-first’ cancer management program in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Cancer Clinics day-care centre was formally inaugurated here today in Visakhapatnam by eminent gynaecologist Dr G Rama Krishnam Raju amidst a gathering of prominent oncologists, senior specialists of the region, healthcare professionals and wellness advocates.


Clinics, a unit of CIPHER Oncology Pvt. Ltd., is on a mission to improve access to and affordability of world-best, quality cancer management to tackle the mounting cancer burden in India. It combines digital access, distributed delivery, and partnerships with asset owners to create a comprehensive cancer care provider that puts the patient at the centre. The Visakhapatnam centre draws on the experience of setting up and successfully operating 5 centres in the city of Hyderabad over the last 18 months.

Speaking on the occasion, Sonali Srungaram, Founder & Managing Director of Cancer Clinics said,“Cancer Clinics is a is a focused cancer care provider which has curated the best oncologists and services to provide multi-disciplinary and integrative care for patients so they can get the finest outcomes from treatment”. Talking about what led her to create Cancer Clinics, Sonali said,“it is really difficult for cancer patients and their families to access all that they need even after sometimes spending their life savings. Cancer Clinics has been created to stand by every such patient and family and to help them beat cancer”.


In addition to precision diagnosis and the latest medical therapies, Cancer Clinics will offer clinical nutrition, psycho-oncology and genetic counselling for their patients to ensure holistic care. The professionals at Cancer Clinics are available to patients to their families at all times digitally between patient visits to their centres.

Underscoring the importance of the Cancer Clinics approach, Dr. D Raghunadharao, Chief Oncologist- Cancer Clinics and Founder Director of Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Visakhapatnam), said, “focus on day-care makes treatment economical to patients and saves their time with no disruption of their daily routine. Admission and night stay charges can be avoided. Patients can recuperate well in the comfort of their home after getting treatment done during the day. With near and dear ones around, people feel happier and tend to respond well to treatment and they recover faster.”


Dr. Rao further said,“being a small capacity cancer centre, there are negligible hospital-acquired infections. Being low in immunity during chemotherapy, this is of major importance to cancer patients. We take utmost care in the maintenance of hygiene and disinfection.”


Sasi Sunkara, Co-founder of Cancer Clinics said “our expert team consists of cancer specialists – medical, surgical, gynaecological and radiation oncologists for planning and execution of simple to very complex cancer treatments. Cancer surgeries and radiotherapy will be performed at any of the partner hospitals. Partnership extends to the most sophisticated diagnostic tests to the routine staging investigations at partnering diagnostic centres. Allied specialties of nutrition, psychology, genetics, along with cancer coaches (patient navigators) will provide the smoothest possible experience through the most difficult times”.

Specialist doctors who attended the inaugural programme of the Cancer Clinics said they were seeing increasing cancer incidence among the patients they see and Cancer Clinics with its focus on creating easy access for patients is the need of the hour.

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