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Pegasus Resto Café- First of it’s kind café in South India which is Pet- Friendly


Pet owners are usually worried to leave their pets at home or in the car if they wish to visit a café. Here is good news for all the pet owners and pet lovers as they can now take the pets along with them. The Pegasus Resto Cafe, a Resto Cafe in Visakhapatnam City, Andhra Pradesh which opened recently has now added a new feature for the pet lovers. While people relax and spend some quality time, pets are taken care in the café.

The Pegasus Resto Cafe Owners Payal Sarath Ganesh Pilla & Sarath Ganesh Pilla along with the staff are taking keen measures to adapt the culture that Pets are also a part of family and they too deserve the cafe hospitality.

Measures such as deep cleaning, sanitization etc, are being taken


care by the staff of cafe after every visit of the pet. Pet owners are advised to get some food for their pets from their homes as the food inside the cafe may not be suitable for all pets.

The cafe owners have designed the time for customers from 10 am to 11pm and a particular time for Pets i.e., 10 am to 11 am & 08:30 pm to 10:30 pm every day. These timing are issued in public interest so that every individual has a good experience in the café.

The pet breeds that have already visited include; The Labrador Retriever, Osky, The Pomeranian, Pumba, The Mini Pom, Milo and The Indi Pup. Ganesh said, “Till date we have had around five short and demo film shoots along with a Govt. Ad shoot for Covid awareness. We are open for photo shoots along with art exhibits too.”

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