Penalities to be levied on Parking fee violaters


As the GVMC Commissioner passed the regulatory order of no charging of parking free from citizens if stayed less than an hour, also they shouldn’t be charged if they buy worth more than the parking fee.

Again a notice was passed on Saturday which said if there are parking fee violators they have to pay hefty penalties. If violated the parking fee rules for the first time then they have to pay 10,000, the second time penalty will be about 50,000 and GVMC will seal the premise or impose any penalty by the commissioner for the repeated violations.

Be it a movie theatre, shopping mall, multiplexes, they are ought to follow the parking fee rule. Also, the ward planning secretaries should maintain the parking tariffs record as the commercial zone officers will be keeping a check on it.

If any grievances by the citizen they can be filed at ward Sachivalayas or the toll-free number of GVMC.

GVMC Press Note:




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