People come and go : The art of letting go and moving on


Congratulations!! We are almost eight billion now. Yes, the human population is growing fast from all corners of the world. With that, we are getting so many ingenious brains who can take life to newer heights, given all are getting equal opportunities. Talking about opportunity, it is amazing to know that a person in his/ her average lifetime on this earth gets a chance to meet almost eighty thousand people. Wow! That’s a big figure indeed. Out of those, hardly we may remember a few thousand faces. In those thousands, maybe with a few hundred people, we might have had a good conversation. And there are very few people who could create a long-lasting impact in our lifetime, to whom we value the most.

You know it takes less than eight seconds to create that first impression on us. And once that moment has been created, a special bond is going to develop between them. In that way, till today many people might have entered our life. The best part is each of those individuals bring new happiness into our life. Be it our family, guru, friend, love, or our favorite personality out there; in their absence definitely we are going to miss them for the kind of impression they have created in our life. But at times with their absence, we get into a deep sadness. We try to stop doing everything and fall in love to mourn for them in remembering those sweet moments. At times we allow few people to get into our lives to the extent that with their absence we create big ruckus in our own lives. And unknowingly we start justifying our mulling over the subject. Unaware of the fact that with all that we are not creating any difference for us or we are not going to get back the persons who have gone. Of Course, we all need a recovery period to get over, but keeping that period as short as possible is in our hands.

Have you ever seen the night staying long, day getting shorter, things taking a pause or time coming to a halt; just because we are upset in someone’s absence. No! Right. Time, universe, earth rotation, the waves of the ocean, river flow, seasons change, and even our physical growth, everything changes, and life changes accordingly. In that gradual changing process, there are a number of impressions by external things. Like a sudden snowfall, a natural disaster, the rise of new leaders, the fall of a clan, creation defaults, unexpected demises..& many more, but the best part is life goes on. It never stops with every or any incident. In that way in our lives People come People go, it is a natural process. We can never have control over the things happening outside us. Without any choice life goes on, the nature of life is to move ahead. Then, why not we can be with life to take it forward with the ultimate powers we have as a human being? Let’s move ahead by cherishing those moments, by being more grateful towards those valuable people who came, stayed, made a positive impact in our lives & have gone with the change of life system. We can’t stop the change, but we can always be thankful for the means by which things happen in our lives, isn’t it! Dear friends, think of it once, your entire life is going to change beautifully.

That’s why I say, “People come People go, they might be visible milestones in your life, but not the destination. They disappear once the purpose has been served to you. All we can offer or can gain is the beautiful experiences in their presence. Value the moments and respect the change. This is not the end, life is waiting for you wholeheartedly to offer you much more freshness, embrace the change and move ahead to meet the best version of you”.
By Jo


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