People link ‘Jabardasth’ to ‘Coronavirus’ and Anchor Rashmi gives it back in style

People link ‘Jabardasth’ to ‘Coronavirus’ and Anchor Rashmi gives it back in style.

Trollers are everywhere, no matter how good a post seems or is. Every celebrity gets trolled. Whether it is Neha Dhupia for her take on not slapping a girl or Ananya Pandey for her struggle.
Even the anchor of Jabardasth got trolled, where people started commenting on her handle that they are not able to take her glamour and the show is worse than Coronavirus.
One of the trollers said that the show should be banned as it is vulgar and the body-shaming is affecting them more than the coronavirus. To which Rashmi replied that Nobody asked anyone to forcibly watch it, they can change the channel if they don’t want to.
And on the type of role that people were questioning her on to which she said Unless you are willing to produce a film and cast me in a Sati Savitri role, don’t question my choice of work”.


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