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Pharma giants allay fears of people


Pharma giants Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech allayed the fears of people by creating awareness among them about the Covid vaccine. They called upon the doctors across the country to spread the word about the urgency of vaccination as a social responsibility. Though there are no adverse reactions after administering the Covid vaccine, leading medical experts advised the people to take precautionary measures.

Corona vaccine has already been distributed in India as well as in the US, France, Britain, Russia and other countries. The State Medical and Health Department officials said that while millions of people were being vaccinated, it was not a matter of concern for one or two of them to have health problems and reactions. However, there have been some cases where patients appear to have serious health problems. Medical researchers and health experts, along with pharma companies’ representatives, say that people with certain symptoms should not take the Corona vaccine in a hurry.

There are currently two types of Corona vaccines available in the country. Pune based Serum Institute of India has developed Covishield while Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech launched Covaxin. The Serum Institute of India has warned that some people may have a reaction to certain ingredients in the Covishield vaccine and that those with chronic allergic symptoms should not take the vaccine.

Manufacturers have made the side effects and risks of the vaccine-related information available on their websites for vaccinators. In addition, it is recommended that those who are under medications should inform doctors and any chronic illnesses they have been suffering from before taking the vaccine. These companies advised the health workers to report any allergic reactions if they face after taking the vaccine.

Those who have suffering from fever, bleeding disorder, or blood-thinning symptoms, have to consult a doctor before taking the vaccine, the Serum Institute said. In addition to these symptoms, those who want to get vaccinated, whether they are pregnant, or likely to become pregnant, need to take precautionary measures and seek the advice of a doctor. Bharat Biotech, which manufactures Covaxin, has made similar suggestions to the public. Hence, medical experts are urging people to take precautions before taking the vaccine.

A study found that people recovering from Corona had a much lower risk of death if they took aspirin tablets three times a week. Millions of people in Britain, Brazil and Russia, who have taken aspirin, have been protected from Covid-linked diseases. In addition, scientists say the tablet has been shown to protect against blood clots in the nerves and life-threatening heart disease, stroke and kidney problems.

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