Planets didn’t give signals about the COVID-19 ?


Be it any auspicious occasion from marriages to a child’s education, most of the Indians have relied on astrology hugely.

There will be that one family baba everybody would rely on and now the question is didn’t they see it coming it. Weren’t there any signals or cosmic energy hinting that there would be something that will take a toll on the entire globe.

With the first case being reported in Kerala and since then the novel coronavirus spreading its tentacles, it has been a tough call for everyone. With 700 plus cases currently in India, everything was pushed from the student graduating to a wedding function. Everything came to a halt after the lockdown being announced by the PM.

It was essential as these 21 days are going to be crucial to break the chain. Streets look deserted, work is being done at home. Despite the astrologers set up dates for wedding in these months, it is called off.

The question that arises is astrology, can it predict everything.


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