Plasma therapy for COVID patients to begin in Srikakulam


Good news for the COVID patients in Srikakulam. With 1 lakh positive cases and 102 deaths till August 7, the district administration is planning to start plasma therapy to teat the Coronavirus positive patients. District Collector J Nivas on Friday visited Lions Blood Bank and Red Cross Blood Bank and held discussions with the technical persons. He said the therapy would be launched in another two days. The Collector also inspected the ELISA microplate reader, which has been installed in Red Cross Society Blood Bank and single donor platelet separating equipment in Lions Blood Bank.

He said the district administration is making all efforts to prevent deaths due to the virus. He also said many patients, who recovered from the COVID are coming forward to donate their plasma. Dr. Srikant of Red Cross Society said COVID positive patients can donate plasma 28 days after they test negative. Those persons aged between 18 and 45 and weighing a minimum of 50 kgs were best suitable for donating plasma. He said 220 mg of plasma could be obtained from 400 ml of blood. He said after the process of plasma therapy begins with success, he will think of making a Plasma Bank in the district.

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