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Plastic Parlour: Give Plastics – Get Products


In an effort to combat plastic pollution, a city-based NGO India Youth for Society (IYFS) had come up with a unique idea of setting up a Plastic Parlour: Give Plastics – Get Products. This initiative was launched with the support of Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). The parlour was relaunched by G Srijana, Municipal Commissioner, GVMC, Visakhapatnam.

“Several people responded positively towards the initiative,” said Appala Reddy Yendreddi, President, India Youth for Society (IYFS)

“Recycling is the best solution to plastic pollution. I want to collect all your throwaway plastics and get them recycled in our plant. With the support of GVMC, SBI Staff, APPCB & EPLC, India Youth For Society (IYFS) launched Plastic Parlour with a concept “Give Plastics – Get Products” in Visakhapatnam. The Society provides 1 Coffee for 1 KG, 1 Cloth Bag for 2 KG, 1 Jute Bag for 4 KG, Breakfast for 3 KG (100ml Milk, 2 Biscuits, Nuts, 1 Banana & 1 Egg). The future Idea is to establish a Constructive Shop,” added Reddy.


– Category: They collect all kinds of plastics like PET, LDPE (including Multi-layered Plastics), HDPE, PP etc. Other Waste is also collected which include- Clothes, E-waste and Footwear.

– Extending Producer Responsibility: Under EPR, they would be,

1) organizing a 1 Hour Session for the respective staff on plastics
2) Free transport and the collection is done weekly once (the day would be intimated). However, the team will act immediately if the amount of waste is more.
3) Issuing a receipt for the service charge and acknowledgement for the waste. It is valid to submit to APPCB.

– Motive:

1) To create interest about multi-layered plastics and low-density plastics.
2) To make public sensitive about all kinds of plastics or improper handling.
3) To improve collection mechanism from very basic step

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