PM announces a total country lockdown for 21 days


Seeing the condition of the rise in COVID-19 cases and death toll. The Prime minister, Narendra Modi announces a complete lockdown of the nation for 3 weeks from today 12 pm as it is a crucial period to break the chain of this deadly virus.
As of now the cases are about 500 and nine deaths in India and the only way to curtail the further spread of the novel coronavirus is by staying at home as the virus is deadly and spreads at a faster pace. The symptoms may not show up immediately but brews up within and takes a toll over the individual all of a sudden.
The condition in Italy, America is quite bad despite the good medical services. People are dying and cases are increasing rapidly. To not see such a scenario, people should be cautious and take precautions early hand to avoid such a deadly consequence.
He appreciates the consolidate efforts put by citizens during the Janata curfew which was followed on Sunday.
Though there were several districts and states were on lockdown, it was seen several people disobeyed the protocol.
Seeing such behaviour, PM puts an emphasis on ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’. It is important to follow it as this is the basic step as of now to keep yourself and the rest of others safe in the country.
Doctors, police, santitation workers and media are doing their bit for our safety. The little thing what the rest could do is pray for their well-being and stay at their homes.
The virus is strengthening and spreading faster as it is entering the III phase.
Whether rural or urban people, all are urged to stay at home. And he also asked not to panic as all the basic amenities will be available – vegetables, milk, all the other essentials etc.
He urges as a human in the foremost by saying ‘Jaan rahega toh jahan rahega’.
Health sectors have been boosted up and earmarked with 15,000 cr to combat this deadly virus with well-equipped medical facilities.
Also PM further added that people should not spread fake news as it causes panic in people. And even the medicines should be taken by consulting the doctor.
#Indiatogetherwecan overcome this by practising social distance at every household. Health is wealth. Economy and every other factor will boost up but first comes the life of a person.


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