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Post Covid recovery, infections haunt patients


While a good number of people are making a full recovery from Covid-19, they should make sure they get post-recovery care which is very necessary in the second wave of infection, say medical experts. Many people are affected by diseases like diabetes, BP, lung fibrosis and a heart attack before they totally recover from Covid. Fungal infections such as Black fungus and bacterial infections are being reported besides kidney, arthritis and thyroid disease. Post-traumatic disorders are now more common in many patients who have recovered from Covid.

Doctors say 50 percent of people who recover from Covid suffer from post-traumatic disorders. Children who are seriously ill with Covid also develop chronic diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes. Hundreds of patients are still going to corporate and private hospitals after recovering from the Covid. Sugar levels with Covid are rising exponentially in people with pre-diabetes.

Doctors say this was due to a Covid, the pancreas contains beta cells that produce insulin after the Covid attack the virus is infiltrating these cells and destroying them resulting in a drop/stop in insulin production. In such cases, the blood sugar levels rise abruptly. Although sugar levels drop for a few days after Covid, there is no complete control.

Experts say that a few children infected by Covid are suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Insulin production is completely stopped due to Covid attack on the pancreas. People like this have to use insulin for the rest of their lives. Post-Covid recovery, 50 percent of people suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety is commonly observed in most of the people who recovered from Covid and suffering from insomnia, suicidal tendency and loneliness. These conditions will take a long time to subside and the patients need to be very careful.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, AP State Covid-19 Nodal Officer, Dr Arja Srikanth said that Covid mostly has a profound effect on the body’s immune system. Lack of immunity leads to many problems such as boredom, cramps and insomnia, to get rid of these, one has to take rest and needs to take medicines prescribed by the doctors.

Pertaining to diet, make sure all kinds of ingredients are added to the diet like fruits, fruits, should be taken daily, sugar and BP should be checked regularly. People with heart and brain problems need to be more cautious. “One has to see the doctor immediately if feels uncomfortable. Wearing a mask, hygiene, the physical distance shall be mandatory,” added Dr Srikanth.

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