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Prabhas: All-time Rebel Star


Bollywood heroes are fitter, taller, and fairer. So what does it take for a Telugu film with a very Telugu star, to become an Indian sensation? He is the answer…

He never wanted to be an actor; he wanted to be a businessman! Superstar trappings are not for him, all the glitz and glamour are not for him, honesty is what he loves, and humble is what he is! Tell him he is South India’s Biggest Superstar since Rajnikanth, he won’t believe you, he would simply laugh it off, such is the man.

He worked for 15 years in 15 movies, slowly but steadily upping his craft and improving his skills, one fine day he decided to do a single movie for 5 years! You would need more than just guts to make such a move, but he wasn’t worried, what he wanted was quality and he was ready to give it all.

“Something very beautiful happened in my life. Baahubali has given something 10,000 times more than what I did before. Or even more than that.” He exhales, and a could of vapour smoke escapes his e-cigarette. “After this, I didn’t know where I am going.” He is a man who worries about his future-his fans and how the hell he even got here. “Fans have unconditional love,” he says, “like mothers.”

“I have always been like this. Nothing’s changed in my personal life. That is a big problem for the press.” Baahubali lets out a great big laugh. The principle of keeping it simple and not taking anything for granted is what makes Prabhas the Real Life Baahubali!

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